• Consultation services on the issues of development of PSTS (STU) and Substantiation of Safety (need in development, possible deviations from the requirements of the normative base and compensating measures, procedure of development and coordination of PSTS (STU).
  • Preparation of the draft of Technical assignment for the development of PSTS/Substantiation of Safety (including participation in analysis of design/technical solutions, normative base, including foreign standards, identification of deviations and/or missing normative provisions subjected to inclusion to PSTS/Substantiation of Safety).
  • Development of PSTS/Substantiation of Safety.
  • Scientific and technical expertise of PSTS developed by the outside organization.
  • Industrial safety expertise of Substantiation of Safety developed by the outside organization.
  • Support in:
    • Coordination of PSTS in the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation (Minstroy of Russia), Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergency Management and Natural Disasters Response (EMERCOM of Russia) and other departments (if required);
    • State expertise of design documentation in FAU «Glavgosexpertiza» with regard to PSTS;
    • expertise of industrial safety of Substantiation of Safety with the following  registration of industrial safety expertise in the State Register of hazardous production facilities.


  • Great experience in the development of Project Specific Technical Specification and Substantiation of Safety. Implementation of complex approach to ensuring mechanical strength and stability, industrial and fire safety when developing PSTS and/or Substantiation of Safety.
  • Ownership of the advancing information on changes in the regulatory – legal base owing to active participation in:
    • Development of normative documents in the field of industrial safety;
    • Participation in the development and expertise of national standards and sets of rules within the frame of membership in the Technical Committee on Standardization TK 23 « Equipment and technologies of oil and gas production».
  • Knowledge of "bottlenecks" of the up-to-date normative-legal base and the current problems of ensuring safety of operation of hazardous production facilities on the basis of great experience of PSTS development, Substantiation of Safety, risk analysis, development/expertise of Industrial Safety Declarations, development and implementation of industrial safety management systems.
  • Substantiation of sufficiency of the compensating measures by application of different models and methods of risk analysis (TOXI, FLACS).